The Flying Sikh

If you have not watched the movie ‘Bhaag Milkha Bhaag’ , I would strongly recommend that you watch with family. There is something to learn for everyone, regardless of age and gender. The movie is about about Milkha Singh, a former Indian track and field sprinter who won 77 of the 80 international events he participated in. He was named the ‘Flying Sikh’ by the president of Pakistan, General Ayub Khan, when he competed in Pakistan.

Sr and Jr Milkha

I was touched by the last scene where the director shows the adult Milkha Singh running on the tracks and next to him is the young Milkha who was cheerful and fun loving as a child, in Pakisthan.

This depiction was profound, and in my view it represented that Milkha transcended the limitations of body and mind, and connected with his inner Spirit. Once he was able to let go of the baggage of loss and hatred he was carrying all along, he was a free Spirit at that moment, totally in the present, that led him to come up with such superlative performance. The result of this performance was the title bestowed upon him – ‘The Flying Sikh’.

The Spirit (I), the unchanging part in an otherwise always changing physical body, from childhoold to death, is the one common thread between the adult Milkha and boy Milkha, and the Spirit is the one which is able to see both in this depiction.

Seel also ‘The Three Gunas‘.


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