The Story You Never Wanted to Hear

130821074050-michaela-cross-irpt-turning-away-vertical-galleryOne of the recent articles, published by an American Student, of her experiences of India –, brings to the forefront again, the spiritual degradation that Indian and Indians are going through. The URL speaks to the trauma that this poor girl had to go through, needs no further explanation.

This year, is the year of the Swami, Swami Vivekananda, marking his 150 birth anniversary. World over, Ratha Yathras are being organized to take his message to the masses. But the little good that a few are trying hard to inject into the society, appear to be eclipsed totally by larger evil – rampant corruption, poor governance, honor killings, rape, dowry harassment, mafia and scandals.

I often think of the verse in the Bhagavad Gita (4.7 and 8)- paritranaya sadhunam, vinasaya cha duskrtam, dharma-samsthapanarthaya, sambhavami yuge yuge (Sanskrit), meaning ‘In order to deliver the pious and to annihilate the miscreants, as well as to reestablish the principles of religion, I advent Myself millennium after millennium.’

Let us remember the teachings of Swami’ji. He said that, men and women are like the two wings of a bird. A nation needs both, to soar high. . Recognizing the need to strengthen women’s position in the society, He appealed to Sister Nivedita, who without batting an eyelid, gave herself up completely for the cause of the Swami.

A lady from a foreign country, who had no business with India, yet she devoted her entire life for India. How many of us know her and how many of us remember her and how many of us pay homage to her?

Our scriptures, teach us so many wonderful aspects of life. They prepare us for the future. No other culture offers such powerful guidance, in so well defined frameworks. These were written, as I understand some 4000+ years back, YET we are in a state of total ignorance.  Take time and invest in understanding Sanatana Dharma.

Every Indian should be thinking, reflecting, contemplating and spreading the message of the Vedanta that Swamiji was so passionate about. Every Indian should take time to watch the movie on Swami Vivekananda – The Light: Swami Vivekananda, directed by Tutu Sinha. –



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